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As always, Stay Informed, and God Bless.

Don’t let this hurricane season catch you unprepared. Here at Ascension Parish Government and the Office of Emergency Preparedness have drawn up plans to assist our residents during an emergency. Moreover, we endeavor to help our residents prepare themselves to be safe during this time of amplified weather activity. Here are some tips to go on:

• Keep supplies handy
• Unplug electronics
• Check for leaks
• Prepare for long-term outages
• Trim trees and shrubbery
• Clean gutters
• Clear clutter in around your home and in ditches
• Secure home
• Verify insurance coverage

Ascension Parish is currently a Class 8 with a 10% discount in flood insurance. Thanks to efforts of the Floodplain Management under Planning and Zoning, as of October 1, 2022 the Parish will be a Class 7 with a 15% Flood insurance premium discount in Special Flood Hazard Areas and 5% discount in Non-Special Flood Hazard Areas. Please check with your insurance provider for rate information and to verify your coverage.

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New Ascension Parish App

Download with the new Ascension Parish app! A one stop shop for all public services provided by Ascension Parish.

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Ascension Utilities Customers Can Now Pay Online

The Ascension Parish Utilities Department has announced that all ACUD #1 water customers can now pay their bills online or by telephone. Customers of Parish Utilities of Ascension already had the ability to pay online. Now customers of ACUD #1 can do so also. The service is available immediately. Credit card payments will be assessed a 2.99% convenience fee.

To pay online, visit: