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January 23, 2017 Film Commission Minutes

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The meeting of the Ascension Parish Film Commission was called to order by Chairwoman, Tracy Browning. The following Commission members were present:rnExecutive Director of the Ascension Parish Tourism Commission – Tracy BrowningrnGonzales Representative – Neal BourquernPresident of the Ascension Economic Development Corporation – Lisa Laws (Representative)rnAscension Parish President Representative – Cynthia StaffordrnrnThe following Commission members were absent:rnDonaldsonville Downtown Development District – Lee MelanconrnThe following were also present:rnAscension Parish Representative-Bernie Capone rnMayor of Gonzales-Barney ArceneauxrnGonzales Police Department – Dowell BrennrnrnChairwoman, Tracy Browning reported that Lisa Laws attended the meeting for the Representative from Ascension Economic Development Corporation, but Johnny Berthelot, the interim President/CEO would be filling the position on the Film Commission until a permanent replacement is found. rnrnChairman, Tracy Browning presented the minutes of the November 26, 2016 Film Commission meeting. Moved by Neal Bourque, and seconded by Cynthia Stafford, the minutes of the November 26, 2016 Film Commission meeting were unanimously adopted as presented.rnrn Chairwoman, Tracy Browning opened a discussion about the Film Application process and reviewed the form. The application is available on the website for download and it can be processed online and submitted as well as the insurance can be uploaded. The applications are submitted to the email address and the tourism office will keep the data base of the information. The application was designed to be one application used for the Parish of Ascension, Town of Sorrento, City of Gonzales and City of Donaldsonville. The Film Commission would like for all the entities to approve using the one application for the film industry across the parish and a point of contact for each municipality. Mayor Arceneaux said he would be the point of contact for the City of Gonzales and he had no problem with Gonzales using the application as is. rnrn Also a point of contact for any police service needed for the City of Gonzales will be Dowell Brenn with the Gonzales Police Department. rnrn Chairwoman, Tracy Browning showed the new website to the commissioners but technical problems prevented it from being on the large screen and it was difficult to review. rnrn Moved by Neal Bourque, seconded by Cynthia Stafford the meeting was adjourned.