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January 27, 2020

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The meeting of the East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District
#1 Commission was held on Monday, January 27, 2020 at 5:58 p.m. in
the Council Meeting Room at the Courthouse Annex in Gonzales, Louisiana.
Chairman Dempsey Lambert called the meeting to order.
Members Present: Chairman Dempsey Lambert, Commissioner Joel Robert, Commissioner Travis Turner, Commissioner Corey Orgeron, Commissioner Aaron Lawler, Commissioner Teri Casso, Commissioner Dal Waguespack, Commissioner John Cagnolatti and Commissioner Michael Mason.
Members Absent: Commissioner Chase Melancon was absent.
The invocation was given by Commissioner Orgeron and the Pledge of Allegiance recited by all present.
Public Comments Period / Additions to Agenda
Chairman Dempsey Lambert announced to please sign up to speak on any agenda items.
Acceptance of minutes of December 16, 2019 meeting
The minutes of the last meeting were submitted for approval by the commission.
A motion was made by Commissioner John Cagnolatti and seconded by Commissioner Aaron Lawler to accept the minutes of December 16, 2019 as written.
Motion passed. No objection.
Election of Officers
Chairman Dempsey Lambert asked the commission for any nominees for Chairman. Commissioner John Cagnolatti nominated Dempsey Lambert as Chairman in the form of a motion. Commissioner Teri Casso gave a second to the motion. No objection. Motion passed. No other nominees were announced for chairman.
East Ascension Drainage Commission
Meeting Minutes – January 27, 2020
Page -2-
Commissioner Travis Turner entered the meeting at 6:02 p.m. Chairman Lambert announced that Commissioner Joel Robert entered the meeting at 6:05 p.m. Chairman Lambert thanked everyone for the nomination and election. Commissioner Michael Mason made a nomination for Commissioner Chase Melancon for Vice-Chairman. Commissioner Dal Waguespack gave a second. No objection. Motion passed. Chairman Lambert thanked the commission for their recommendations.
Chairman’s Report/Announcements
Chairman Dempsey Lambert had no announcements following the election of officers.
Drainage Report – Joey Tureau gave an update on current and on-going Capital Outlay Projects for the drainage department. Two active projects are Pelican Point Parkway cross drain repairs and Wallace Acres Subdivision drainage improvements. Ron Savoy reported on daily operations and current in-house drainage projects also. Reporting and tracking of daily maintenance in the work order system is currently being discussed with administration. Ron expressed well wishes and thanks to four (4) drainage employees, Kevin Gautreau, Keith Delhommer, Allen Allred and Thad Denham as they enter retirement following many years of service with the parish. Chairman Lambert also expressed his well wishes to the recent retirees.
Public announcement that at this time, the bulkhead program is temporarily on hold until policy is reviewed for any updates by administration – President Cointment expressed his wishes to review the policy and procedure for requests received from residents for bulkhead construction. The policy is being reviewed for any drainage benefits and as a precaution while using public funds. We must be careful to ensure the use of public funds as intended for improvement and benefit to drainage in any area. We are currently receiving information and procedure from current staff while requesting a legal opinion for the policy and procedure. The review is being done in a timely manner and will have an update at the next meeting for discussion. The board members will also be sent the information being reviewed as well. The current procedure has changed through the years and shows no permit or design requirements to indicate a drainage improvement. Commissioner Turner offered that it could be communicated to legal that the resident at some point, shall relinquish the parish of any maintenance or liability for the bulkhead. Two requests have been received by staff for bulkhead agreements and are pending approval, due to reported erosion issues.
East Ascension Drainage Commission
Meeting Minutes – January 27, 2020
Page -3-
Public announcement that at this time, the rail car and on and off-road bridges program is temporarily on hold until the policy is reviewed for any updates by administration – Chairman Lambert offered assistance to the administration while reviewing the current policy and procedure for the bridge programs.
Approval to enter into contract with Atmos Energy Corporation for replacing gas line cut during August 2016 Flood response, in the amount of $44,251.18 – Ron presented this contract for approval of work to install the main line down Alligator Bayou. Commissioner Casso made a motion to approve. Commissioner Cagnolatti made a second to the motion. Motion passed. No objection.
Approval to fund drainage improvements in the amount of $45,325.68 as part of the 2019 Asphalt Overlay Project, at intersection of William Ficklin Road and Braud Road, through contract with R. J. Daigle & Sons Contractors, Inc. – Tacie Rabalais presented this request for drainage work as part of the 2019 Asphalt Overlay Project for drainage improvement at this intersection. Commissioner Teri Casso made a motion to approve. Commissioner Michael Mason gave a second to the motion. Motion passed. No objection.
A motion to adjourn was given by Commissioner Corey Orgeron. Commissioner John Cagnolatti made a second to the motion. Motion passed.
The public meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.