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Strategic Planning ~ September 12, 2019

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Strategic Planning Committee Meeting
Courthouse East – Council Chambers
September 12, 2019 – 6:30 p.m.
Roll Call: Chairman Oliver Joseph, Councilman Daniel Satterlee,
Councilman Todd Lambert, Councilman John Cagnilatti
Absent: Vice Chairman Randy Clouatre,
Call to order/Roll Call of Members
Vice Chairman Randy Clouatre was absent
Invocation/Pledge of Allegiance
Chairman Cagnolatti led the invocation and pledge
Chair’s Additions
No Chair’s Additions
Public Comment Period
Chairman Joseph announced that anyone who wished to speak on any item could sign up at this time. There were 2 public speakers.
Approval of April 11, 2019 Strategic Planning Minutes
A motion was made by Councilman Lambert to approve the May 9, 2019 minutes with a second by Councilman Satterlee with no objections the motion passed.
Discussion and Approval of Disadvantage Business Enterprise Study (Chairman Oliver Joseph)
Cedric Grant with Grant Management Group stated I was charged by the administration to research Disadvantaged Business Programs in the State and the Nation and offer to you a prototype for the best practices in the field. The DBE programs have been in effect about 20-25 years now there were a bunch of legal challenges and what you see before you has passed every legal test. The proposed program is a race and gender-neutral capacity building program designed to engage locally-owned and socially and economically disadvantaged businesses that are traditionally under-served in the procurement of goods and services. The program will allow certain Ascension Parish construction bids to require participation of certified disadvantaged business enterprise to participate in the project. After some discussion Councilman Lambert made a motion with a second by Councilman Cagnolatti to have administration come back to
Strategic Planning with a DBE program structure with no objections the motion passed.
Discussion of proposal to amend Home Rule Charter Section 4-18 to limit Ascension Planning Commission’s authority to approve/deny subdivision preliminary plats (Councilman Daniel Satterlee)
Public Speakers in Support In support but not speaking
Jeff Pettit Peggy Martin
Catherine Bergeron Fran Tompley
Mildred Blalock
Councilman Satterlee said we received this AG opinion because our legal counsel said we could not make the Planning Commission like the Zoning Commission and be advisory in nature. Councilman Satterlee reads from the AG opinion It should be clear that the powers of the Planning Commission may not be lessened except by an amendment to the Charter adopted by the voters of Ascension Parish. After some discussion Councilman Satterlee made a motion to recommend to full council to have legal counsel draft the necessary language forward and secure a time slot on the ballot to alter our Home Rule Charter to make the Planning Commission advisory in nature on major/minor subdivision final disposition by the council. Councilman Lambert seconded the motion so discussion could continue. After some more discussion Councilman Cagnolatti made a substitute motion to have administration do some research into other Home Rule Charter parishes Planning Commissions. Councilman Lambert seconded the substitute motion Councilman Satterlee objected a roll call was conducted and the votes are as follows: Councilman Lambert Yes, Councilman Cagnolatti Yes, Councilman Satterlee No, Councilman Joseph Yes. The substitute motion passed.
Motion to adjourn was made by Councilman Satterlee and seconded by Councilman Lambert.