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2013 Rd. Project Work Schedule 10/19/15 – 11/3/15

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2013 Rd. Project Work Schedule for 10/19/15 thru 11/3/15 as follows:rnrn10/19/15 MondayrnPremix Payton StreetrnMobilize equipment to Peter Bourgoisrnrn10/20/15 TuesdayrnMobilize Equipment to Peter Bourgoisrnrn10/21/15 WednesdayrnCut Cement Payton StreetrnAsphalt Binder Peter Bourgoisrnrn10/22/15 ThurdsayrnDress Shoulders SavoyrnProof Roll CaesarrnProof Roll ArthurrnProof Roll Robin LanernProof Roll St. Judernrn10/23/15 FridayrnPunchlistrnAsphalt Binder Laurel Ridgernrn10/26/15 MondayrnProof Roll Gold DustrnProof Roll Stationrnrn10/27/15 TuesdayrnAsphalt RobinrnAsphalt St. JudernAsphalt ArthurrnProof Roll Paytonrnrn10/28/15 WednesdayrnAsphalt CaesarrnAsphalt RobinrnAsphalt St. JudernAsphalt Arthurrnrn10/29/15 ThursdayrnAsphalt Gold DustrnAsphalt Stationrnrn10/30/15 FridayrnAsphalt PaytonrnAsphalt TrichernAsphalt Sheetsrnrn11/2/15 MondayrnAsphalt RobertrnAsphalt SavoyrnProof Roll DelatternProof Roll Dennisrnrn11/3/15 TuesdayrnAsphalt Caesar Lane