Jean-Paul Robert, In-House Counsel/ADA

Phone: 225-450-1012

The District Attorney of the Twenty-third Judicial District shall serve as the parish attorney to the parish governing authority, parish president and all parish departments, offices and agencies. However, if the governing authority determines that the parish would be better served by a separate full time parish attorney, it may create such a position or department and provide for its organization and functions by ordinance in accordance with the general provision of Article VI, Section 6-01 acts requiring an ordinance of this charter. In special matters, the governing authority may retain special attorneys to represent the parish or perform certain duties subject to the restrictions imposed by the statutes of this state, or may authorize the president to employ special counsel. No special counsel shall be retained by the parish except by written contract approved by the favorable vote of a majority of the governing authority.

The parish attorney shall:


direct and supervise the legal affairs of the parish;


provide legal advice to the President and the governing authority when requested, and when directed by the President, to all officers, departments, boards and commissions concerning any matter affecting the interests of the parish;


have charge of all legal matters in which the parish has an interest, or to which the parish is a party, with power and authority, when directed by the president, or the governing authority to institute or to intervene in any and all suits or other proceedings, civil or criminal, as may be deemed necessary for the assertion or protection of the rights and interests of the parish;


prepare proposed ordinances or resolutions when requested by the president or any members of the governing authority;


prepare or approve as to form and legality, all contracts, documents and instruments creating any legal or conventional obligation affecting the parish; and


perform all other duties required by this charter, the president or the governing authority.


Public Information Requests

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Complete the form and email it to, or deliver it to:
        Custodian of Public Records Andria Dollar
        Ascension Parish Governmental Complex
        615 East Worthey St
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