Lance Brock, Zoning Official

Phone: 225-450-1002

The Zoning Office is responsible for administering the Ascension Parish Development Code (2003) in order to guide development in the Parish as outlined in twelve principles adopted by the Council:

Principle 1:    Protect public safety and property.
Principle 2:    Manage growth.
Principle 3:    Preserve the rural character of the Parish.
Principle 4:    Encourage compact commercial centers.
Principle 5:    Keep the process simple and open
Principle 6:    Use flexible performance zones.
Principle 7:    Discourage development in the 100-year floodplain.
Principle 8:    Support development where future infrastructure is likely.
Principle 9:    Use floodplain overlay zones.
Principle 10:  Discourage strip commercial development along rural roads.
Principle 11:  Establish a truck route between industrial plants and Interstate 10.
Principle 12:  Create high quality business development zones.

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