Ascension Parish Listening Tour

“Ascension Parish has an abundance of resources, a strong local economy, and offers an unparalleled quality of life. To ensure that our parish continues to reach its full potential through responsible growth, it is critical that we have input from you, our community members, on your priorities, concerns, and experiences so that we can put forth the most effective solutions based on insightful collaboration and public opinion.

This summer, we held a listening tour throughout the parish, to listen to and understand your needs and concerns. These meetings were a tremendous success, with a great exchange of ideas and information. We will use this insight for resource allocation and investment planning for a sustainable future in Ascension Parish. We plan to make this Listening Tour an annual event. We are also planning to conduct several virtual town meetings periodically throughout the year; more information about these is forthcoming.

I want to hear from you. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions, please enter them on the form below.

Additionally, we recently launched Open Finance, a new user-friendly dashboard that offers total budget transparency for Ascension Parish residents. I encourage you to visit the Open Finance website and review the current state of our parish’s finances. Go to to learn more.”

President Clint Cointment

We have work to do, and we can accomplish so much if we work together. As your Parish President, I recognize the importance of protecting our assets and improving the delivery of public services, but most importantly, I want to work with you to find the solutions for responsible growth and development that will preserve and enhance the best characteristics of our parish for decades to come.