Larviciding is the treatment against the larval life stage of the mosquito in ditches, rivers, canals, swamps and other waterways.   Ascension Parish Mosquito Control performs daily operations of routine larviciding either manually, by truck, drone and/or in extreme circumstances plane.  


Adulticiding is the treatment against adult mosquitoes.  These mosquitoes become prominent during the dusk hours.  Monday – Friday, beginning at dusk, Ascension Parish Mosquito Control dispatches 11 trucks spraying areas throughout the Parish.* 

Personal Service Spraying

Personal Service Spraying is the treatment and evaluation of a Residents yard.  This service is offered upon request only.  All residents of the Parish are welcome to call the office to request a Personal Service Spray or fill out the online request found on this site. Requests are fulfilled in the order that they are received by our office.

Parks and Recreation

Ascension Parish Mosquito Control provides routine treatment and evaluation of all Parish parks and recreation.


Ascension Parish Mosquito Control uses Gravid-trapping methods throughout the Parish to collect data to estimate adult mosquito population species, distribution, to decide on control strategies, to time control measures, to evaluate treatments, and for arboviral surveillance purposes.

*Please note that due to liability issues, APMC drivers are only allowed to drive on Ascension Parish and State highways. Also, it is impossible to drive down every single Parish road, therefore we use sophisticated methods to cover as much area as possible.  Please note Personal Service Spraying request.