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As always, Stay Informed, and God Bless.

We are at the halfway point of the hurricane season, and fortunately, we have not had to endure any significant storms. While we hope the rest of the season will be as quiet, there are no guarantees. What we must do is prepare and be vigilant for all of our safety.

• Make an emergency plan and practice it – identify an evacuation route in case your family needs to leave your home and find a place to shelter.
• Build an emergency preparedness kit – this should include food, water, medicines, and supplies to last at least 5 days.
• Have multiple ways to receive alerts – download applications on your smartphone to get alerts in real-time before and during the storm. Also, it is a good idea to invest in a battery-operated portable radio in the event of a loss of electricity. Sign up for our Everbridge system to stay in touch, and also make sure you follow our Ascension Parish Office of Homeland Security page for the most up-to-date information.
• Make sure important documents are up to date and stored in a safe place – Make copies of your driver’s license or state-issued ID, birth certificate, Social Security card, and insurance policies and add them to your emergency kit.
• Purchase flood insurance – Ascension Parish is currently a class 8 with a 10% discount on flood insurance. Reminder it takes 30 days from the date of purchase for this to become effective.
• Get the outside of your home ready – Secure any loose items such as hanging gutters, and bring outdoor furniture inside. Cutting down hanging tree limbs will also aid in having less damage to outside property.
• Be sure to follow COVID guidelines – Due to COVID-19, the way to prepare may differ from previous years. Keep in mind that your shelter may be different, and you may need to include other items in your emergency kits, such as masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning materials.

Please keep these tips in mind as we continue through the rest of this hurricane season. I want all residents of Ascension Parish to be safe and well during this time.

Ascension Parish President


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Ascension Utilities Customers Can Now Pay Online

The Ascension Parish Utilities Department has announced that all ACUD #1 water customers can now pay their bills online or by telephone. Customers of Parish Utilities of Ascension already had the ability to pay online. Now customers of ACUD #1 can do so also. The service is available immediately. Credit card payments will be assessed a 2.99% convenience fee.

To pay online, visit: