Floodplain Management

Marcia Shivers, Floodplain Coordinator

Phone: 225-450-1369

It is the responsibility of the Floodplain Management Office to provide restrictions and regulations that govern the use of the Parish’s floodplains, provide information to property owners how they can protect themselves from flood damage, and to provide information on the National Flood Insurance Program.

Ascension Parish Flood Protection For You and Your Property

For property owners in Special Flood Hazard Areas and Flood Prone Areas, please click the link below.

Ascension Parish Flood Information (Updated 2017)

External Flood Resources

Answers to many common questions, how to reduce risk, protect your home and other structures

Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage


LA DOTD Floodplain Management

USGS Ascension Parish Floodmap

USGS Real-Time WaterWatch Levels (State of Louisiana)


LSU AgCenter Flood Maps

Louisiana Mapping Project

Association of State Floodplain Managers

Louisiana Floodplain Management Association

Requirements for Residential Metal Buildings

Homeowners Handbook

Water Bodies, General Layers Map

Repairing Your Flood Damaged Homes

Please read the documents linked below if you are repairing your home due to any recent flood damage.

Red Cross Information

Ascension Parish’s Revalidated LOMCs Letter

Previously issued LOMCs that were revalidated with the issuance of the August 17, 2007 National Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

I received a letter from my mortgage company informing me that I am now in the flood zone and will need to obtain flood insurance.  I was not in the flood zone before.  What do I do?

FEMA has a grandfathering rule to provide a reduced rate for homeowners that were not in a flood zone prior to the issuance of new flood maps, and therefore, never obtained flood insurance.  In order to apply for the grandfathering provision you will need to provide your insurance company with a Compliance Letter stating that your structure was built in compliance with the flood maps at the time of construction.

If you need this information please submit your name, address of property in question, telephone number, and approximate date of construction to the following link: Flood Information Request

Please allow up to ten business days for a response.

History of Floodplain Management in Ascension Parish

Presentation at 02/06/12 Drainage Meeting

Am I in a flood zone?

In order to help determine the flooding risk of properties in a particular area, FEMA has developed a series of maps for Ascension Parish showing “flood zone” areas.  Technically, these are areas estimated to have a one percent probability of being inundated by floodwaters in any given year.  This is also commonly called the hundred-year flood.

The below link will take you to scans of the official FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps where you can see if your property is in a shaded flood zone area or not. The Parish of Ascension also offers several unofficial online maps that can help you determine your Floodzone and elevation on our Online Maps Gallery.

To request an official Floodzone determination you will need to  submit a flood zone determination form by providing the information requested on the following link: Flood Zone Determination Form

 Ascension Parish FlRM Maps:

View the Maps


 Ascension Parish Online Floodzone Map


View Large PDF


Wetland Determination Form

How to Request a Wetland Determination