Joey Tureau, Chief Engineer

Phone: 225-450-1013

The Transportation & Engineering department was created under the re-organization of Ascension Parish which took place on June 5, 2017. The department is responsible for the planning, design and construction of local road projects within Ascension Parish. This includes new roads, turn lanes, mill and overlay projects, round-abouts, widening, signage upgrades, safety improvements, intersection lighting, major street lighting projects and major bridge projects. Current major projects include:


Move Ascension Transportation Initiative
2020 Transportation Master Plan

Asphaltic Concrete Reconstruction and Overlay Improvements 2018

Task Order No: 1

Contractor:         RJ Daigle & sons Contractors, Inc.

Time Frame:       2/1/2018 through 4/15/2018

Amount:              $990,732.15

  1. Ridge Road
  2. Rayco Sanders
  3. North Robert Wilson

Task Order No: 2

Contractor:         Coastal Bridge Company, LLC

Time Frame:       2/1/2018 through 4/15/2018

Amount:              $668,762.50

  1. Charles Gonzales Road, Prairieville, LA
  2. Bordeaux Street, Prairieville, LA
  3. Trails End Street, Prairieville, LA
  4. Trails End Street North, Prairieville, LA
  5. Brentwood Court, Prairieville, LA
  6. Waterford Lane, Prairieville, LA (Curb Repair)
  7. Swamp Road, Prairieville, LA (Striping Only)
  8. Bourgeois Road, Gonza les , LA (Parking Lot/Catch Basin Repair)
  9. AP 929, Prairieville, LA (Striping Only)
  10. Post Office Road, Prairieville, LA (Striping Only)
  11. Causey Road, Prairieville, LA (Striping Only)
2017 Road Package     
Road Name Length (ft) Width (ft)Type of Construction
Annie Oak Drive 150020Reconstruction
Tillotson Road 264119Reconstruction
Aikens Road 269118Mill, Patch, & Overlay 
Bourgeois Road194018Reconstruction
Whitfield Road 91418Reconstruction
2015 Road Package    
Road Name Length (ft) Width (ft)Type of Construction
Ash Lane 111318Reconstruction
Bayou Terrace Road 1650320Reconstruction
Bertrand Road 139316Reconstruction
Braud Road 1063420Reconstruction
Canterbury Lane30120Mill, Patch, & Overlay 
Casey Babin Road192318Mill, Patch, & Overlay 
Devall Road 366220Reconstruction
Donna Villar Road84118Reconstruction
Dutchtown Villas217616Mill, Patch, & Overlay 
Erwin Villar Jr. Road 165519Reconstruction
Erwin Villar Road 129419Reconstruction
Evans Road 181918Reconstruction
Fields Court 84219Reconstruction
Galaxy Blvd. 274740Mill, Patch, & Overlay 
Gressett Road 42516Reconstruction
Heath Road 65713Mill, Patch, & Overlay 
Highland Drive 216816Mill, Patch, & Overlay 
Issac Villar Road 192718Reconstruction
Jessie Cannon Road35916Reconstruction
Jupiter Avenue 44118Reconstruction
Manchac Place Drive South167823Mill, Patch, & Overlay 
Manchac Lane107918Mill, Patch, & Overlay 
Mars Drive 29918Reconstruction
Mercury Drive 72218Reconstruction
Neptune Boulevard 61918Reconstruction
New River Road 296918Reconstruction
Pluto Street 34518Reconstruction
Richard Waguespack Road 258818Reconstruction
Rustling Oak Drive118920Mill, Patch, & Overlay 
Saturn Avenue 59818Reconstruction
Venus Street86318Reconstruction
West Robert Wilson Road 274918Reconstruction